What is Pro-Control.online


What is Pro-Control.online

What is Pro-Control.onlineWhat is Pro-Control.onlineWhat is Pro-Control.onlineWhat is Pro-Control.online

How it works

How it works EN



Multiple modalities

2 multiple-modalities

Any number of devices from all modalities covered by quality control can be entered in the program. Every device is assigned tests which can be carried out on it with our phantoms.

User defined fail / pass criteria

3 pass-criteria

For every test it is possible to define conditions specifying whether it is a pass or a fail (default values are in accordance with the current legal regulations).

At a single glance you will see which test has not been passed and why

4 single-glance

Results of tests carried out for a device are grouped according to dates, providing instant data about the general result of quality tests on a given day. A graphic symbol next to a test name informs about the result, and the information on the side panel gives the cause of a possible error in the test.

Safe and sound

5 safe-and-sound

Your configuration, reports and other data are always safe and accessible worldwide in our cloud - there is no danger of losing them because of computer failure. Data in the cloud is secured and backed up regularly. The highest level of security is guaranteed by our certified ISO 27001 system.

Constant synchronization and easy sharing

6 constant-synchronization

Your configuration, reports and other data can be synched and shared across all your installations - thanks to this you can check the status of diagnostic devices in all your remote locations from your local computer.

Multiple language support

We currently provide following language versions:

english polish spanish japanese russian

In development:

chinese german

Pro-Control.online means


means 2

2. Increased patient safety (the ALARA principle) – because all devices for image diagnostics are under control, there is no risk of excessive radiation or wrong diagnosis.

means 3

3. Increased trust in proper operation of diagnostic devices – objective tests show whether a device works properly or not, with any defects easily noticed, diagnosed and corrected.

means 4

4. Ease of implementation and operation – one platform using telemedicine (the DICOM protocol) to control the quality of any number of diagnostic imaging devices.

means 5

5. Standardization and synergy – one quality control system in the whole organization.

means 6

6. Unlimited access – test results are accessible online from anywhere in the world, and from any device equipped with an internet browser.

means 7

7. Access to an unprecedented amount of information – the platform can combine an unlimited number of users from one organization; test results collected by each of them (via Pro-Control.online) are gathered in one place, providing easy and fast access to a huge amount of information from thousands of apparatus.

means 8

8. Unlimited usage potential – the platform created and developed by us offers unmatched development and adaptation potential to individual needs of each and every user.


  1. all subscriptions come with constant support and warranty. We provide your software with up-to-date new versions, new features, entitled updates, and support, without extra charges except the subscription purchase. This not only guarantees constant trouble free usage thanks to the fixes and security patches, but the most important incremental enhancements to the total user experience
  2. maximum amount of different QA equipment supported (phantoms, meters, etc.)
  3. maximum number of diagnostic devices supported
  4. number of tests that can be analyzed per month
  5. full transfer and analysis automatization with the cloud
  6. offline licensing and updates - special proxy service is used to provide updates and licensing to offline computers running the Pro-Control.online desktop app (requires presence of the internet connected computer in the intranet)
  7. discount for purchasing annual subscriptions instead of the monthly billing
  8. up to 3 users included in the subscription price
  9. for price, please contact your local representative



E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: + 48 668 024 874, + 48 606 161 554
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